DEbbie williams.

Hello! My Name Is
debbie williams.


Hi, my name is Debbie Williams and I am licensed hair practitioner with  over 25 years in the hair care industry. For the last decade I have been practicing trichology (the study of hair and scalp disorders). I am also a recognized author and educator.

I love my work, and I am very passionate about helping people, but to be honest with you, doing hair was never my dream job, however, I truly believe that this is where God has positioned me.

Let me explain why.

Back in 2004, I decided to open a salon. I really was clueless on what to do and was scared to death on how to build this business up.  I was recently divorced, and was determined to make a good life for me and my children. I took most of my savings and built this beautiful salon, but because of hiring the wrong people, & making bad decisions, the salon was not the success I wanted it to be.  After a few years of spinning my wheels, I decided to sell the place.

Around that same time my oldest sister had been fighting and battling with Lupus. Over time she lost all of her hair.  Not only did she lose her hair, but she also lost her self esteem & confidence too.  I felt so sad, & knew that I had to do something about it, and I went on a crusade to find a cure for her hair loss, and even for Lupus

On my journey I discovered trichology (which is the study of hair and scalp disorders). This discovery opened up a whole new world to me. I traveled around the country to learn more & more.

It lead me to take the For Sale sign down, & I hit the ground running to share all of my knowledge with anyone who would listen!

I became so passionate about hair loss, & nutrition, & my salon quickly became the go to salon for healthy hair and hair loss recovery.

I helped my sister restore most of her hair using natural remedies, and I styled and fixed her hair in ways that made her feel beautiful again.

My sis later lost her battle with lupus, but she gave me a gift that I now share with the world.  My clients travel from all parts of the country, and I absolutely love helping all those who need my help.

Today my hair clinic is a known & recognized hair restoration center for women & men.