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Understanding Different Scalps Types

Not everyone has the same type of scalp. There are actually four common types – normal, dry, oily, and combination. Each one has different characteristics and demands a different hair care routine to be well-taken care of. Hence, it is important to determine what scalp type you belong to before you start experimenting on hair products and treatments. But, how exactly would you know what scalp type you have? The answer is simple – observe your hair and face in normal conditions for a few days and check the following:

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DHT: What it is and how it affects Your Hair

How do you counter something that naturally occurs in your body? How do you stop your nails from growing, or your heart from beating? The short answer is: you can’t – and you probably shouldn’t.

If something exists naturally in your body, then surely it must be serving some kind of purpose.

Still, there are certain functions in your own body that might be indirectly causing some of your problems. Today we will be looking at a certain hormone that affects men – something that is being linked with hair loss, specifically “male pattern baldness”.

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3 natural cures for male pattern baldness
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3 Natural Cures for Male Pattern Baldness

Male pattern baldness is a common dilemma for any man at the age of fifty. But even males on the younger side can suffer from it due to a lot of different reasons: it can be stress, it can be hereditary, and it can be poor hair care habits.

No matter what the cause is, you’re gonna want a cure for it. And since we’re trying to be as helpful as possible, we’re going to cover some all-natural cures that won’t put a hole in your pockets.

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The Only Remedy For Perfect Hair & Skin That Everyone Has In Their Kitchen

Everyone wants to have perfect hair and skin.  Having beautiful skin & hair is like a dream come true if it was possible.

Well, what if I tell you that it is possible?  What if I told you that the main ingredient to the best hair and skin of your life is sitting in your kitchen waiting for your discovery?  The secret to the most amazing skin & hair is the magnificently made honey.

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Are You Gluten Intolerant? 5 Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

Did you know that there are plenty of diseases that are linked to gluten? And did you know that 99% of people who have either gluten intolerance or celiac disease are never diagnosed?

But don’t worry; you don’t have to give up on your wheat, barley, and rye just yet. You just have to check for the signs of gluten intolerance. We will discuss a few of the warning signs you might encounter if you’re gluten intolerant.

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high blood pressure medicine
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Does Blood Pressure Medicine Cause hair Loss?

Did your doctor diagnose you with hypertension?  Are you taking high blood pressure medicine?  Are you experiencing some hair loss?

There could be a connection between your high blood pressure medicine and your hair loss.

 In this article we are going to share with you some information that could help you understand what could be causing your hair strands to shed more than usual.

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