What is A Hair Mineral Analysis and How Can It Help You?

Hair loss, it’s one of the most hated words in the world. Hair loss disrupts your life, steals your confidence and makes you feel doubtful, embarrassed and frustrated.

Who wants to go thru all of this, when life is challenging enough!

Well I am here to tell you that there is a brighter light at the end of the tunnel, and you don’t have to let hair loss control your life anymore. I have recently uncovered some truths about hair loss in women, & hair loss in men, and the fact is, many of us have been given the wrong reason for why we are losing our hair.

Many women are told that their hair is thinning because of chemical services such as relaxers, colors, hair styling products, certain hair styles, & braids. Many men are told that they are losing their hair because of genetics. Did you know that you could actually be losing your hair because your body isn’t receiving enough minerals? We need minerals to survive, however when there is a lack of minerals, or an over abundant amount of minerals our bodies can become sick, and the results could lead to illness and hair loss. There are valid truths that chemicals, styling products, hair styling techniques, & genetics could cause hair loss, but it just might not be your reason for having a hair loss problem.

My discovery has led me to a Hair Mineral Tissue Analysis. This extraordinary screening helps to pinpoint nutritional deficiencies in your body. It provides an accurate reading to determine imbalances, toxicities, & deficiencies within your body. In addition this test can tell so much about your body and your current state of health by simply analyzing a set of data. This data is already present, and it is attached to your own body, usually in a natural, flowing form: your hair.

Today we’re going to talk about a hair mineral analysis, what it is, why you should consider undergoing this test, what are its benefits, & what it can do for you?

In this article, we’re going to fill you in on all of the delicate details.

So first things first…

What is Hair Mineral Analysis?

This process is pretty self-explanatory: you can tell a lot by its name. It’s an analysis that involves your hair. Ultimately, you get to find out what minerals are present in your hair fibers! More specifically, it reveals the level of minerals that are already present in your strands. This is very important because if you have a mineral deficiency, such as a lack of zinc or copper, or your body is storing too much sodium or magnesium, your body will become imbalanced and your health could be at risk. So while you learn about the amount of these minerals, you can discover your current state of health, and possibly discover threats before they even become apparent! The likely hood of knowing why you are losing your hair is greater once the test is complete.

So what we’re looking for when you’re undergoing a hair mineral analysis is what we call “heavy metal toxicity” – and no, that’s not the name of a hardcore rock band. Some minerals can have an adverse effect on your health and your body, if it is overabundant. And by that, we’re not only referring to the amount that’s present in your hair – the data you can retrieve from your strands only represent the real amount that’s in your body. Some minerals can be toxic, and since all of us have these toxic metals in our body, it can cause problems in the long run, especially if left unchecked.

Removing them from your body can have great effects, which will improve your health, energy, hair, and even your mental performance!

What Does A Hair Mineral Analysis Test?

The short answer to this question is: hair. But more specifically, hair tissue is sampled from the scalp itself, so it’s best to have it done by an experienced practitioner. For this test they’ll need around 1.1 grams of your hair, around 2.2 cm in length (that’s about an inch of hair). 

This amount can allow your heavy metal toxicity levels to be revealed. But it also reveals your mineral deficiencies, meaning you can learn what kinds of metals you are lacking in your system. This test can reveal and analyze up to 37 “nutritive” minerals, as well as toxic metals. 

Why Should You Have Your Hair Tested?

Well, you should have it tested for all the reasons we mentioned above. And it’s also a very simple and convenient method of getting tested; it doesn’t feel invasive, unlike other methods – blood sampling, for example. Hair is also a very stable material, so it doesn’t require special handling. Some samples can even be sent via mail! 

In my opinion it is absolutely the best way to determine why you really are losing your hair. Your deficiencies could have an adverse effect on your hair and because of this, hair loss is caused. 

Your body is a magnificent machine, however, just like any well run machine, when there are problems it is going to break down. Your body always tell you just before it breaks down, however you need to pay attention to the signs that your body is giving you. A hair mineral analysis is that test that can help discover what is really going on inside, and show you a real picture of how to fix the problem. The results are more accurate than a blood test, when it comes to telling you what minerals your body needs. 

Many of my clients have discovered there thyroid was the reason why they were losing their hair, and that was because the hair strand test results, showed a deficiency in the minerals that supports that thyroid gland. 

Its convenience alone can convince you that the effort you’re going to put it will be worth it. Consider the wealth of knowledge you can get from this simple testing method. 

Do take note that this type of analysis does not diagnose disease right off the bat. It is merely a screening test, and you’re gonna have to take it further and have your results analyzed by a physician if you want to know more. 

However, with the number of hidden information you can unlock through the simple scanning of various mineral imbalances, you can learn a lot about your body. It can tell you whether your metabolic rate is fast or slow, it can detect adrenal fatigue, it can even determine your strength and energy levels! 

Other things you can discover through a hair mineral analysis is whether you have liver or kidney stress, or if you have certain imbalances in your nervous system. 

Let us say that just like any other test, a hair mineral analysis could not be 100% accurate. If you ship your hair via mail, and there happens to be a mistake in your hair sampling, for example, the results can be a bit different than what it should actually be. So make sure you work with a professional, especially if you’re not sure how to take the sample. The test produces great results otherwise, but still cannot be relied upon 100% – nothing can be that perfect. 

But if you want to know about your body, and what areas you should concentrate upon in order to get yourself into the best possible shape, there’s no harm in trying a convenient test such as this. 

How Can I Get A Hair Mineral Analysis?

My Atlanta Hair Clinic offers a comprehensive Hair Mineral Analysis screening. If you would like to get a Hair Mineral Analysis or want more information about this service, please contact me at my office.

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